(In no particular order)

  1. Should I bring a road bike or a tri bike?     Yes.

  2. Which would be better?      90% of the course is fast rolling pavement.  I, Bobo, would use a tri bike.

  3. Are disc wheels recommended?     With all my heart.

  4. How's the pavement?   For Louisiana, eerily great. 

  5. What is the expected water temp?    The range this time of year is mid-60's to low-70's, bring a wetsuit, or if you're Chuck Farrell, a hot tub and a steak sandwich.

  6. Can I swim without a wetsuit?    Sure, and you can also mouth-off to my wife, if you're that tough.

  7. How many aid stations are there on the course?   No aid stations on the swim.   One on the bike at the turn-around (water, Gatorade, bananas, tamales), seven or eight on the run (including the Jerry Martinez Memorial Aid Station 3x, w/everything...beer, loud music, words of feigned encouragement).  

  8. Is there really a foot-down stop at an intersection?    Yes, and this year we'll have a kind volunteer there to record numbers of those who choose to violate this sacred rule.  They will not only be DQ'd, but they verily shall not partake of the post-race beer.

  9. How tough is the run course?   About halfway, you'll be wishing you'd just mouthed-off to my wife and got it over with.  Often do we hear this phrase from The Suffering:  "Oh for the sweet release of death".


  11. When is packet pick-up?  3p-6p Saturday (and maybe even later) at the Transition area, and race morning.

  12. What happens if the water temp. is totally ass-cold?  We (royal we) reserve the right to shorten the swim for safety purposes, to the point of a 200yd. wade.  We will NOT lengthen the swim to 2 miles if it's really warm, though.