The 7rd annual Holy Toledo Triathlon Challenge is a true "challenge", and probably not the best choice for your first triathlon (although we had one tri-virgin in '04...silly, silly girl).  It's also not for the Weak-Willed, Weak-Legged, or the Weak-Minded.  This is not the Tri-For-Fun Mini Sprint, BUT... it IS DO-ABLE for any determined athlete who wants to test their mettle.  No time limits, so take your time (you won't be alone, and we'll  save you plenty of food & beverages...maybe).

It features all the scenic fun the Holy T is known for, and more.  The swim course, transition area, and post-race shenanigans will  be held at Cypress Bend State Park (not Cypress Bend Resort), so sadly the refreshing 400 yard post-swim trot up the golf course from '04 is no more.

Other Race Info:

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Solo (before 1/1):

Solo (1/1 - 2/28): 

Solo (3/1 - 3/30):

Solo (3/31):

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Team (3/1 - 3/30):

Team (3/31):

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All 5-peaters ('04-'05-'06-'07) get a free entry into "The V.v", to thank them for their unflinching support.  So that means Mike and Andy.

Sorry, no refunds! 

Organ donor table will be set up at registration